About Us

Since 1984

Ramcast is a regional supplier of metal with nearly 40 years of experience in the industry. As a true one-stop shop we have proven to be #1 in steel tube distribution in Southern California. Ramcast has continued a history of growth and profitability over the years. The Company has four strategic locations which reside in Los Angeles, Pomona, Van Nuys and Fresno. We have an excellent management team and dedicated professionals with over 125 years of collective experience. We have an assorted inventory, combined with the best processing equipment in the industry, making Ramcast more than your typical metal shop. It has become the primary choice among customers. So next time you need to buy steel contact anyone of the locations near you, for inquiries on steel prices, steel services and availability.

The Ramcast Story
With a small blacksmith shop, Luis Ramirez recruited his younger brothers, Juan and Hector Ramirez, to offer welding services for small projects in the mid to late 1970’s. In 1983, Ismael Ramirez, a third brother joined the group to help continue the operations. Although the brothers had no prior experience they let the trade teach them and soon established a process. Ismael remembers, “The first year was very hard for me, since I did not have experience in what we were doing. My brothers had me grind the metal and paint our work. When they finished welding a product I would continue with the finishing touches.”

By following this routine the brothers mastered their technique and found the same clients coming back to work with them. Then it was our client’s neighbors, who would see their work and so on and so on. Ismael recalls, “Our focus was our work, we had a very fast return and we always had recommendations.” It was at the beginning of 1984 when the brothers noticed that in this trade there was very little support for “us” the “iron workers” “the installers.” So they decided to make a transition and focus on suppling metal to the iron workers, the installers and fabricators. In April of 1984 we opened our first store front as Ramcast Ornamental Supply, in the San Fernando Valley, to be more specific in Sun Valley, California. We had no idea the tremendous success that we would have the first year. There was some struggle in the beginning, but in 1988 our sales were almost at 8 million dollars. Our slogan at that time was “We keep our heads together to give you the best price” and it was truth.

The brothers also realized that if they could provide better service than their competitors, Ramcast would eventually have an extensive list of diverse, loyal and long-term clients. Ultimately, its customer care philosophy of exceptional quality service became the reason for being in business. In an interesting circumstance of events the high levels of crime in Los Angeles during the 1980’s and 1990’s prompted the Company’s rapid growth. The Company supplied products for the protection of businesses and residences, which included metal window guards and punch picket fences. These items became very high in demand and the window protection and steel fencing industries began to grow rapidly. Consequently, Ramcast began to market its services to fencing companies as well as provide materials and supplies with architectural designs used for protection or remodeling of properties.

Now with a stronger knowledge and experience in the industry, the Ramirez Family business expanded and they added their sister Rosalba Ramirez (now Rosalba Warschaw) to direct human resources and accounting functions at the firm. With their San Fernando Valley location yielding profits, they established a new location in South Los Angeles followed by the opening of the Pomona location in 1991 which serves the Inland Empire market. Being keen observers of real estate development and construction market conditions, the Family decided to open a fourth facility in Fresno. According to Ismael Ramirez, “The City of Fresno and surrounding communities are growing with several new residential areas in development that need quality products and services for architectural and construction industries. They need standardized and specialized steel products.” Having a facility in this community allowed Ramcast’s management to provide better and faster service.

Ramcast’s rich business history represents a quarter of century of experience, a database of nearly 15,000 clients ranging from sole proprietors, agricultural, fencing, custom trailer, concrete sectors and so on. They have acquired an exemplary customer care approach and a strong loyal customer base. Ramcast is growing and targeting leading companies in diverse industries, such as larger commercial clients in the manufacturing sector and contractors serving corporate, governmental, utilities and infrastructure sectors of California.

Ramcast continues a legacy of customer service and offers a one-stop-center experience that translates into:
Convenience: Diversity of products and services
Purchase Confidence: Knowledgeable and experienced staff
Distinctive Value: Price and quality reliability of a trusted name